Mudras in sanskrit mean symbolic hand gestures, which balance various constituting elements and restore health and wellbeing.

When we work with mudras (energy seals) we lock the thumb to a specific finger, or a part of the hand, to create an energetic circuit so we can amplify that energy in our body.

Our hands define our karma and as the fingers are the power points – they are a link between individual pranic force and universal cosmic energy.

In yogic practices, our fingers represent the planetary energies; the thumb is connected to Mars and Venus. Index finger is connected to Jupiter; Jupiter shows the path, it is the teacher. The middle finger is connected to Saturn; Saturn is the servant. The ring finger is connected to the Sun; the Sun is the king and the little finger is connected to Mercury.

Why is the thumb connected to Mars? It is because whenever you win, what do you do? You put your thumbs up. Thumbs up is a sign of victory. When you lose what do you do? You put your thumbs down. So these gestures are so inbuilt in us.

Our entire birth chart is reflected on our hands and this is why astrology and palmistry are deeply connected. The fingers, excluding the thumb, represent the 12 zodiac signs (Rashis).

The first part of the index finger is the sign Aries, the second part is Taurus and the third part is Gemini. The first part of the middle finger is Capricorn, second is Aquarius and third is Pisces. The first part of the ring finger is Cancer, the second is Leo and the third is Virgo. The first part of the little finger is Libra, second is Scorpio and third is Sagittarius.

So, if you have Sun in Aries, then you can touch the first part of your index finger of your right hand with the thumb of your right hand, whilst you chant your personal Surya (Sun) mantra.

Similarly, based on the other planets’ positions in your birth chart and their reflecting position on your fingers, you can touch the appropriate part of the finger with the thumb of your right hand, to honor, align with and worship that particular planet. You can do this through mudras, breathwork and chanting.

For maximum results, you can also worship the deities connected to the planets in your birth chart, by chanting or meditating upon them during the Vara and Hora of the planet.

To go into more detail, you can also use the mantra of the planet based on your Nakshatra pada. Say, for example, Sun is in Ashwini pada 2, then you will use the 2nd mantra out of the 108 mantras for the Sun.

Wisdom inspired by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and Pandit Sanjay Rath

5 Mudras to strengthen the planets in your birth chart:

For each of the mudras sit comfortably with your spine erect, keep your palms facing upwards and rest your hands on your knees, keep your eyes closed and take long deep breaths in and out for 5-10 minutes while you hold the mudra positions with both of your hands.

1.Chin Mudra

Hasta means ‘hands’ in sanskrit and hands is also a defining symbol of the moon mansion Hasta Nakshatra. By using hands to enhance spiritual practices when the Moon is transiting Hasta you’ll be able to capitalize on the powers of Hasta.

It is said that Hasta Nakshatra gives the power to put that which you desire into your hands, so, set your intentions well and use your hands and breath as tools to enhance your practice.

How to do ‘Chin Mudra’

1. Bring the tips of the thumb and index finger together.
2. Keep the other three fingers gently outstretched.
3. This symbolizes the unity of fire and air as well as the unity of universal and individual consciousness.

2. Surya Mudra

Support the energies of your Mars to optimize his powers by performing the Surya Mudra on Mars-ruled Tuesdays or on days when the moon transits lunar mansions ruled by Mars (Mrigasira, Chitra, Dhanishta).

When you bring the ring finger (Sun) and thumb (Mars) together it’s like uniting a King (Sun) and his commander-in-chief (Mars) together forming a powerful partnership. Under the guidance of the king, the commander-in-chief can perform his duties. And, with protection from the commander-in-chief (Mars), the King (Sun) has the necessary security to rule to the best of his abilities.

Surya Mudra is a powerful mudra used to counter lethargy or exhaustion, while also creating inspirational energies needed to achieve life goals and energize you both mentally and physically.

How to do ‘Surya Mudra’:

1. Bring the ring finger to touch the root of the thumb.
2. Then, press your thumb against the ring finger to secure the posture.
3. Straighten the other fingers

3.Mushti Mudra

This practice calms the mind, helps release pent-up emotions, strengthens digestion, reduces anger, clears the mind and relieves stress. Do this during Mars hour, if possible, as his energies are related to the emotions we are aiming to balance in this ritual.

Mushti means “fist”. This mudra helps release pent-up emotions, by activating certain pressure points in the hand. We commonly make fists as a sign of aggression (Mars), but the nature of this mudra actually helps us graciously release negative emotions or aggression.

How to do ‘Mushti Mudra’:

1. Touch the tip of the thumb to the base of the ring finger.
2. Then bring the remaining fingers around it to make a fist.

4.Shunya Mudra

This mudra will help you clear blocks and sets you up for new beginnings. It will also help release frustration, desire and disappointment, helping you to start afresh.

Best done on days that signify the start of something new, such as Amavasya, New Moon days.

How to do ‘Shunya Mudra’:

1. Bend your middle finger to gently touch the bottom part of your thumb and press your thumb to support the middle finger.
2. Extend all the other fingers.

5.Kubera Mudra

This mudra is dedicated to the God of wealth, “Kubera” and can strengthen wealth and prosperity in our life,

It is also known as the “three mudra technique”, because we join three planets together; the thumb (Mars), middle finger (Jupiter) and the index finger (Saturn).

How to do ”Kubera Mudra’:

1. Join the tips of the thumb, index and middle fingers together.
2. Keep the other two fingers bent and rest them in the palm of your hand.

All the above Mudra’s can be found in the align27 app in the rituals section.

The mudras will automatically appear on the days that are good for you to specifically do them based on your own birth chart.

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