Have you noticed that there are certain habits we have – things we say or do almost subconsciously – without really understanding why we do them?

How many times have you added “touch wood” to the end of a statement you made about something positive, and quickly reached for the nearest wooden surface, just in case speaking it out might jinx the good news you just shared?

And when you have felt grateful to someone, have you noticed how your hand automatically moves towards your heart, without thinking about it?

There are certain automatic actions ingrained in us. Some of these habits may appear superstitious, and others can seem strange or stuck in the past. But, when you look into the astrological, scientific and spiritual reasons behind them, it is fascinating to learn that their meaning is much deeper than it first appears.

The new ‘Secrets of Ancient Indian Rituals – The science behind everything grandma did’ book exposes the astrological secrets behind many of these age-old habits. Here let’s take a brief look at some of them.  

Successful? Watch out for Evil Eye!

When someone is successful, talented or beautiful it is understood by many that the jealous or lustful gaze of others creates a negative energy that can manifest as misfortune in their life. This is the concept of ‘evil eye’ – a belief held by many in India and other parts of the world. In the modern day this can seem a bit ‘out there,’ but is it possible there is something in it?

The Effect of Vibrations

The ancient scripture, Yoga Vashista, alludes to the universe as a vibration of consciousness in space. Modern scientists, too, say that everything in our universe is vibrating and in a state of constant motion. Words, thoughts and intention all carry a certain vibration.

The Japanese scientist, Dr Emoto, discovered that water crystals exposed to the words ‘love and gratitude’ appeared beautiful, intricate and symmetrical, in comparison to the crystals exposed to words like ‘evil’ and ‘you disgust me,’ which appeared unbalanced and distorted. His research also showed how crystals of polluted, toxic water, when exposed to prayer and intention, can be transformed to beautifully formed geometric crystals found in clean, healthy water.

So if these words and intentions have such an effect on water crystals, and our bodies are predominantly made up of water, won’t they also have an effect on us?

Black Dots and Touching Wood

Ancient people had rituals for nullifying negative vibrations. One of these ways is by touching wood. In ancient India it was believed that wood has the ability to absorb negativity. The planet Jupiter – renowned for its benevolence – is also represented by wood. So saying ‘touch wood’ and touching a wooden surface has the ability to invoke Jupiter to protect us from any negative consequences.

There are other ancient customs which protect from negative vibrations, including the application of a small black dot on a baby, or by sprinkling salt around one’s body. You can read more about the reasons behind all these practices in the ‘Secrets of Ancient Indian Rituals – The science behind everything grandma did’ book.

Quit the Leg Shaking!

A habit that isn’t so beneficial that you may have come across is the habit of shaking one’s leg. This can happen when Rajas – the quality of activity in the body – is out of balance. Along with Sattva, the quality of purity and balance, and Tamas, the quality of inertia, Rajas is one of the three Gunas, or qualities prevalent in our body and in creation.

As per astrology, the legs are connected to the houses which represent loss and wealth. Shaking your leg is equivalent to shaking up your houses of wealth and loss, resulting in instability in your life – and in your wallet! 

Hand to Heart

In moments of deep gratitude, love and devotion, if you have found your hand naturally moving to your heart, there is a good reason. Gratitude opens the heart chakra, or Anahata chakra, which is one of the seven main chakras, or energy centers, in our body. Each chakra is responsible for a different emotion in us, and the heart chakra is associated with the love and connectedness we feel towards ourselves and others.

Another reason is connected with your Ishta Devta, or favorite deity. Learn all about it in the ‘Secrets of Ancient Indian Rituals – The science behind everything grandma did’ book! 

So what can we learn from these habits?

  1. Good vibrations – Keep pure and positive thoughts and intentions towards others and yourself. When you radiate good vibes they’ll definitely come back to you.
  2. Touching wood is not just superstition – you can gain Jupiter’s blessing and protection from negativity. So if you are re-doing your home, remember to keep plenty of wood in the design!
  3. Don’t shake your leg – As soon as you notice your leg shaking, stop! Astrology tells us to stay steady in life to hold onto our wealth.
  4. Open your heart – through gratitude and devotion towards others and the divine, your heart opens and life becomes more beautiful.

Read more about each of these habits and their origin from ancient times in the ‘Secrets of Ancient Indian Rituals – The science behind everything grandma did’ book, where you can learn about the astrological, scientific and spiritual reasons behind these ancient traditions.

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