What to do and what not to do – here’s your list for September.

Tap below to see personalized do’s and don’ts based on your Vedic Moon sign in your birth chart (which we calculate for you in the align27 app).

September 3 – 23
Mars in Hasta ~ Put energy into manifesting

✅ Do’s
Embrace Mars’s drive in Hasta’s nakshatra for crafts and handiwork. Be practical and routine-oriented to outperform rivals. Stay alert in disputes with trickery and closed-handed tactics.

❌ Don’ts
Avoid aggression unless it’s a last resort and just cause. Don’t seek attention without solid accomplishments.

September 4 – December 31
Jupiter Retrograde in Aries ~ A sudden change of belief

✅ Do’s
Embrace the repeat challenge or opportunity during Jupiter’s retrograde. Consider delayed offers or making up for lost time. Explore foreign knowledge and new work/study cultures.

❌ Don’ts
Avoid rushing into commitments during Jupiter’s retrograde. Don’t make promises before resolving relationship issues.

September 13 – 27
Sun in Uttara Phalguni ~ Shed light on a prosperous partnership

✅ Do’s
Balance your own needs with giving to others in partnerships. Display talents and foster cooperation. Be generous and make charitable donations for support.

❌ Don’ts
Avoid neglecting cooperation; consider partners. Don’t miss romantic signals; appreciate serious interest.

September 17 – October 3
Sun, Mars Conjunction in Virgo ~ Act quickly on a smart plan

✅ Do’s
Embrace the energizing conjunction of the Sun and Mars for inspired work. Take pride in your straightforward approach to achieve success. Assertively communicate your needs and desires.

❌ Don’ts
Avoid letting others interfere in your business; set boundaries if necessary. Don’t be overly pushy; maintain a balanced approach to deadlines.

September 23 – October 13
Mars in Chitra ~ A bright and beautiful creation

✅ Do’s
Embrace your craftsmanship and strategic thinking from Virgo. Utilize diplomacy and persuasion in your work and campaigns. Channel energy into ambitious creative projects.

❌ Don’ts
Avoid unethical conduct; fight fair in dealings. Stay focused during Mars-Ketu alignment, especially when driving/exercising.

September 25 – January 18, 2024
Mars Combust in Virgo ~ Time to channel your ego energy

✅ Do’s
Use Mars’s energy constructively during combustion. Cultivate patience and balance in progress. Collaborate and adapt strategies with others.

❌ Don’ts
Avoid impulsive actions or decisions. Refrain from seeking immediate attention or recognition.

September 27 – October 6
Venus in Gandanta ~ Be adaptable on a love question

✅ Do’s
Be patient and open-minded about relationship issues. Navigate changes calmly without abrupt decisions. Consider others’ feelings during this shifting phase.

❌ Don’ts
Avoid making major relationship decisions now. Refrain from being overly impulsive; be flexible and understanding.

September 27 – October 11
Sun in Hasta ~ Take power in your own hands

✅ Do’s
Embrace the confident and generous qualities of the Sun in Hasta. Excel in tasks like medicine, healing, writing, and teaching with a commercial flair. Take pride in your work, showing energy and passion through craftsmanship.

❌ Don’ts
Don’t underestimate temporary roles; they’re crucial in your journey. Avoid missing opportunities to explore divinatory arts like Palmistry or astrology.

September 29 – October 7
Mercury in Uttara Phalguni ~ Make choices with heart and mind

✅ Do’s
Resolve unfinished business or make thoughtful decisions during this transit. Embrace prosperous partnerships and collaborations. Bring empathy and practicality to decision-making.

❌ Don’ts
Don’t be solely laid-back; utilize mental clarity. Avoid impulsive decisions during the Full Moon phase.

September 30 – November 13
Mercury Combust in Leo ~ Get a firm hold of the facts

✅ Do’s
Communicate clearly during Mercury combust; verify information before sharing. Use practical thinking and experience to handle problems. Seek advice and trust your intuition for decisions.

❌ Don’ts
Avoid hasty decisions in Libra’s combustion phase. Keep anxiety in check; express yourself calmly.

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