Mars, planet of energy and action, is in Dhanishtha from March 29th to April 16th 2022, which lies across the signs of Capricorn and Aquarius.

This is the nakshatra of Mars’s strongest degree, which gives you special power, stamina and leadership potential – you can summon all these qualities now and impress by knowing exactly what you want. Sometimes in life you need a touch of heroism, and qualities of decisiveness and bravery inspire people to follow you.

Dhanishtha’s Shakti, or special gift, is to Bestow Wealth and Fame, and your courage and energy work to create an opening with a view to financial reward. Dhanishtha is ruled by the Ashta (eight) Vasus, which are the auspicious wealth-givers in Vedic mythology, so there is further promise of prosperity and reward when you follow the right path.

With such great promise comes many desires and you must focus on those which are most worthwhile and sustainable. This nakshatra is also famed for its association with music, and its symbol The Drum gives you a percussive rhythm which suits Mars’s energy.

You can use this signature for music, exercise or any activity which needs a strong beat – dancing is good fun and an excellent workout. You love to socialize, and being part of a group gets the best from the time, but if you like to withdraw, meditation also requires a good supply of psychic energy.

Up to April 7th, Mars is in the Capricorn portion of this nakshatra alongside Saturn, planet of time and karma. Lay out your plans carefully and though you may be pushy and impatient, allowing longer to conduct your business makes success all the sweeter.

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