Mars, planet of drive and competition, goes retrograde on September 9th, starting in its own sign of Aries and in the nakshatra of Ashwini.

Of all planets, Mars is best suited to forward movement, so special measures may be needed to handle this transit and to avoid potential pitfalls. Patience and forethought don’t come easily at this time, but you can’t simply push ahead and expect everything to go at your usual lightning pace.

Find a way around, look at the bigger picture and work smart rather than hard. Expect to retrace your steps or undo a decision you have taken this year – going back to the start is frustrating but understanding the nature of the time lets you cooperate and ultimately save energy. A moment of madness is never far away, however, especially with Mars in fiery, gung-ho Aries, and if somebody you know is in an agitated mood this Autumn, look no further than this planetary position for the explanation.

Mars reverses into Pisces-Revati on October 5th, where you find a subtler way of operating and use more psychological tactics. Yogic, psychological detachment may still be difficult however, and you instead have to unlearn certain attitudes and resist the urge to press ahead when insight is required. 

In a water sign, Mars responds to shrewd handling where well-directed intent backed up with consistent meditation and chanting makes as big a life change as chasing your desires out into the world. Nourish your soul rather than your ego, and Mars will be disciplined, driven and self-denying when called upon. Focused fasting on a Tuesday – Mars’s day – along with a good Mars mantra is an excellent remedy for everything from a family feud to a persistent headache, and clears obstacles from your path.

Mars finally turns direct on November 14th 2020 and you will look back on a demanding, but super-productive transit.

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