Mercury, planet of commerce and communication, is in the nakshatra of Chitra, half in the sign of Virgo and half in zodiacal Libra from September 17th to 28th.

Chitra translates to ‘the brilliant’ and is symbolized by a shining jewel, which represents its brightness in the night sky. This asterism brings an interest in and skill with arts, crafts and design, and you may be working with precious stones and also bright, colourful people. 

Chitra’s Shakti, or unique gift, is the ‘Power to Collect Merit’, and its ruler is Vishwakarma the Celestial Architect, so you can build both mental and physical constructs now and combine spiritual and material energy. You present information very well with a stylish and eye-catching way of speaking that makes people want to listen. 

Whether you are in the commercial or political worlds, you have tact and insight and find exactly the right words – in the early Virgo portion of the asterism you have brains and precision, while the Libra side gives you charm and diplomacy. 

You are either selling something or your cleverness draws a crowd spontaneously, but this is a good time to shine and put your message across. You love to flirt and mix with new people too, and you let someone see the chaotic centre that lies underneath your surface calm and composure. 

Mercury here also makes you a good student with a natural flair for research and investigation which you pursue with great energy. Your earnest manner hides a good sense of humour and you can find somebody to connect with on a natural mental wavelength. 

From September 23rd, Mercury is affected strongly by the harsh pairing of Mars and Saturn, which may lead to frustration unless you take things slowly – use the energy and discipline of this transit in a positive way to take on a big writing or study project.

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