The Sun, day-star and planet of the self, is in Vishakha from November 6th to 19th, in the zodiac sign of Scorpio – friendly territory for the Sun through the sign of its friend Mars.

This is a natural place for the solar energy to express itself and shine, where you have courage and decisiveness and chase up your ambitions after a period of slight uncertainty. Vishakha is ruled by Indragni, a fusion of Indra, chief of the Gods and Agni, which is fire personified.

This is a Phoenix-like deity, which fits the transformative power of Scorpio, where dark emotion and mystery combine to make you a new and purer personality. Vishakha’s is a Victory Arch, but try to keep your will to win from becoming ruthless or dictatorial – make your goals and propositions mutually agreeable and take pleasure in the success of others, and you create goodwill and people want to see you succeed. 

Victory here can be something much subtler than winning the big prize, yet still leave you with a satisfied inner glow.  This asterism’s Shakti, or unique power, is also ‘to gain many fruits in life’, which represents an ambition that goes all-out for success, often at any price.

So, it’s vital to develop awareness of other people’s needs and feelings, and also to make your relations sincere rather than be part of a larger chess-game – the Sun likes to give, and people respond to warmth.

The transiting Sun shines a light wherever it is placed and now brings hidden information and self-knowledge to the surface, often of a deep and hidden kind – you have sharp insight into others’ motivations and psychology.

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