Jupiter, planet of faith and expansion, moves into Shatabhishak pada one from January 2nd 2022 to January 18th 2022, the nakshatra inside Aquarius which associates with healing, mysticism and independent spirit.

Guru was in this pada earlier in 2021, from late May until late July, when it went retrograde, so important lessons may reappear from that time for you to unpack now. An offer or invitation may only now feel right to accept, or you have grown the confidence and credentials to raise your sights to new levels.

This nakshatra’s symbol is a mystical circle or horizon, which suggests both containment and infinity, and gives a philosophical mood that sits well with Jupiter’s nature. Pada one also relates to Sagittarius navamsha, in the underlying marriage and spirituality chart, so there is a doubly thoughtful and Jupiterian tone to this transit.

Shatabhishak’s link with invisible boundaries and occult and mysterious elements of life sees you withdrawing into reflection in pursuit of truth, where idealistic Aquarius and spiritual Sagittarius come together. This asterism’s ruler is Varuna, God of the Oceans, so being near or having a connection with water – swimming, bathing and drinking either for ritual or celebration is natural and organic.

You may also dive into your reading and higher education, speculate on the meaning of life, or immerse yourself in the inner waters of meditation. Shatabhishak’s Shakti is ‘To Heal’, and its name translates literally to ‘one hundred physicians’, so as well as increasing your store of knowledge, mental stimulation has a positive and rejuvenating effect.

You can take up a new diet or explore an exotic wellness regime, and may find a treatment or lifestyle for a long-standing ailment. The double-Jupiter influence here represents keeping the faith, and bringing a healing spiritual or ethical element into your world.

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