The Sun, symbol of self and creativity, is in the nakshatra of Krittika spanning the signs of Aries and Taurus from May 11th to 24th.

This is a warlike, rajasic asterism, which up to May 14th is still within the Sun’s sign of exaltation, so your energy flows and you are energetic and passionate for your beliefs and ambitions.

Krittika’s symbol is a flame or a razor and its ruling deity is Agni, the Fire God, so your approach is plain: you use your spark and brightness to achieve your ambitions and draw attention to yourself and your personal cause.

The transiting Sun sheds light, and you illuminate your working and personal life now and can bring understanding to a difficult or obscure situation. Sun is also the symbol of leadership and charisma, so your natural authority is enhanced with your flair for politics and getting the best out of your team.

This asterism’s Shakti, or special power is ‘To Burn’, which in a positive sense means to burn away negativity and excess in order to purify and sanitize. Cut your losses at home or at work with a purge or rationalization, and prepare for a possible fiery scene or blow-up which clears the air before you can move on.

Even here, however, you come out ahead in the end. The Sun represents strength and vitality, and Krittika has an association with food and cooking, and also digestive fire which absorbs nutrients, along with knowledge and experience.

After May 14th, the Sun joins Mercury and Venus in Taurus, giving you extra powers of communication and diplomacy – you are charming and eloquent, but also stubborn, so say your piece while keeping an open mind.

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